Weifelend / Wavering (gedicht - poem) - Mai Văn Phấn - Nederlands vertaling: Emel Kilic. Translated from English into Dutch by Emel Kilic

Mai Văn Phấn

Nederlands vertaling: Emel Kilic

Translated from English into Dutch by Emel Kilic





Poet translator Emel Kilic




Een vis

In het midden van een zeestroming

Wordt slijmerig








A fish

In the midst of a sea current

Turns slimy

About Emel Kiliç


She was born in Istanbul in 1984, finished master studies about adult education at the Free University of Brussels and early childhood education at the Marmara University. During and after her studies, she worked as an education journalist, editor and as a pre-school teacher.

Furthermore, she presented radio programs about higher education and about children and their families. She wrote articles about education in Bianet, Cumhuriyet Daily Newspaper and Binfikir… (2005-2016). She wrote a children’s book called ‘Lastik Cocuk’ (Elastic Child) and a poem’s book called ‘çay, kahve ve delilik üzerine’ (about thee, coffee and madness).

At the age of 26, she went to live in Belgium, learned Dutch and studied social and cultural adult education at the VUB in Brussels. She went through the entire Belgian integration process and because of her interest about integration and the multicultural society, she wrote her master thesis about highly educated migrants in the adult education and their integration process in Flanders.

On top of the above, she was a member of the VLOR between 2012-2017 (The Flemish Education Council) and she was a volunteer for some projects about education.

Emel continues writing, continues her research in a PHD and maintains a forum she created for highly educated migrants, to empower and enlarge their social network.

Her web-site: www.emelkilic.blogspot.com

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