گلی کی نکڑ پر مہمان کو رخصت کرتے ہوئے | نظم | مائی وان فان| Mai Văn Phấn | مترجم : ڈاکٹر جواز جعفری

مائی وان فان - Mai Văn Phấn

مترجم : ڈاکٹر جواز جعفری

Translated from English into Urdu by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri



Dr. Jawaz Jaffri





گلی کی نکڑ پر مہمان کو رخصت کرتے ہوئے


گرم قہوہ پینے کے بعد

جب میں لوٹا

تو مہمان رخصت ہو چکا تھا

فون پر

 اس کے خاندان سے گفتگو کے دروان معلوم ہوا

وہ تو سات برس قبل

رخصت ہو چکا تھا

ایک غلط فہمی

خلفشار کے دوران

کچھ یاد نہیں پڑتا کہ

وہ پورٹریٹ دیوار سے کب اتارا گیا؟ 

چابی والی گھڑی کہاں رکھی تھی؟ 

اور چائے کی پرانی کیتلی

 کس کے حصے میں ائی؟

پڑوسیوں سے ملاقات کے دوران

کھانوں کی اقسام کا جائزہ لیتے ہوئے

جن میں سے بعض بہت مہنگے تھے

اور کچھ زیادہ قیمتی نہ تھے


(گھر میں)

ابھی تک گرم پڑی تھی

میں نے مہمان کی خالی نشست کی طرف

چائے کا کپ سرکا دیا

چھ میٹر تک بلند ہوتے ہوئے

مہلک بخارات

اگلے ہی لمحے سرد  پڑ گئے!






After brewing tea

When I returned

The guest was gone

Speaking on the phone

His family said he had been dead seven years

A misunderstanding


At home

All in turmoil

No memory of when the portrait was taken down

Where was the winding clock?

To whom was the fake ancient teapot given?


Dropping in on the neighbour

To check several food items

Some with higher prices

Some remained unchanged        


In the house

The tea still hot

Pushing a cup towards the guest's vacant place


A deadly vapour six meters high suddenly rose up

Bowing down in front once in a while.




Vẫn trấn tĩnh tiễn khách ra ngõ


Pha xong ấm trà

Quay ra

Ông khách không còn ở đó

Gọi điện thoại

Người nhà bảo ông mất đã bảy năm

Nhầm lẫn


Nhà mình

Mọi sự đảo lộn

Không nhớ bức chân dung hạ xuống bao giờ

Đâu rồi chiếc đồng hồ chạy bằng dây cót?

Bộ ấm chén giả cổ ai cho?


Ghé sang hàng xóm

Thử hỏi mấy loại thực phẩm

Loại tăng giá

Loại còn giữ giá.


Trong nhà

Trà vẫn nóng

Đẩy chén nước về phía ông khách đã ngồi.


Luồng tử khí cao chừng một mét sáu dựng đứng trước mặt

Chốc lại cúi gập.




Dr. Jawaz Jaffri


Dr. Jawaz Jaffri is a well known Poet, Critic playwright, columnist, Anchor and professor of Urdu language and literature. He is rendering his duties as HOD at a post graduate college in Lahore, Pakistan. At present he is from one of few poets from Pakistan who is recognized in International literary circle.He doen his Ph.D work titled "Urdu Literature in Europe and America"and through this research paper he made cultural and literary bridges between East and West.This is the first document that deals the development of Urdu language and literature in Europe and America. Dr. Jawaz Jaffri is the author of 25 books and most of them has been translated in several languages of the world. Through his poems he increased the Land of poetry with his modern sensibility and poetic skills. Resistance against the voilation of human freedom, Cosmological and scientific awareness, right of Natural Death, Cultural Identity, socio-political and emotional problems of life, association with home land, understanding of Nature, mystery of human physic, ancient Civilizations and World mythology, Global Wars and Atomic Weapons and honour of humanity are basic topics of his poetry. He has profound interest in Creative Writing, Criticism, Poetry, Comparative Study of Religions, Historical and  Cultural Perspectives of Society, World Mythology, Relation between Sciences and Literature, International literature, Classical Music and Other Fine Arts ۔ At present Dr Jawaz Jaffri  is the only Critic of Fine Arts in Urdu language. His book" Khak sey Uthney Wala Funn"consist of Dance, Music, Funn-e-Pahlwani, Painting, Art of Professy and Building etc. He owns a huge collection of classical music library. A sizeable books library is available in his study which is evident of his literary taste. Dr Jawaz Jaffri raised his Voice against Global Wars and Atomic Weapons from last Three decades .He is an honorable pacifist voice of this globe. A Peaceful, residencialable and Stable World is his Dream.He is the only poet in the present world who contributed two poetic anthologies against war. Dr Jawaz Jafrti is a great Activist of Human Rights. He did continue to insist on human right to survive until the last breath of his life.His Anti War Poetry has made him controversial poet and some influenced circles  are Unhappy with him on regional and international level. Infact he is running an "Anti War Literary Movement" on The Regional and international level Alone.His books 'Mout Ka Haath Kalaie Per Hey (Wrist in the Clutches of Death) and 'Mutbadil Duniya ka khawab (Dreaming of an alternate World) has been translated by Muhammad Shanazar and Sara Ali Khan. The poems of these books are also being translated in English, Chinese , French, Italian, Crotian, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Serbian, Malaya, Philipinese, Krio, Japanese, Polish,Turkish and in also local languages like Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Barahvi and Hindi). He has contributed another Anti-War poetry book in Punjabi titled “Main Laam di Janj da Lahda han”, which has been translated by Harpreet Kaur and published in India by 'Nawi Dunia Publishers, Punjab, Hindustan. He has been bestowed upon Pakistan’s prestigious Presidential Award (The National Human Rights Award, 2016).He is the recipient of 'Frang Bordhi Literary Award' ( Albania 2013)'Honoured Poet of Pakistan' (Ceychelles 2019)' World Poetic Star Award' (W.N.W.U 2019). Besides, Presidential Award (The National 'Human Rights Award, 2016) he s the recipient of 'Special Shield for Peace' by Ministry of Human Rights 2017 (Pakistan), Quid-e-Azam Gold Medal (2015), Asian Cultural Associaon Award"(2016) He is a member of Pakistan Writers Guild, Pakistan, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad. Member of WNWU (World Nations Writer,s Union). Member. World Literature Academy( London). Member Motivational Strips. Member' ANASAN. Halqa -e-Arbab-e-Zauq, Pakistan. Dr Jawaz Jaffri,s poetry is available in prominent literary magazines, Urdu & English Websites and international digital book stores like Amazon.




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